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2015 Presentations
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Contact Speaker         KEYNOTE SPEAKER – Crystal Washington ~ Social Media Marketing Strategist

When powerful companies want their teams to take action online, they book social media expert and dynamic speaker Crystal Washington, who has worked with Google, Microsoft, GE and others in the USA, Africa and Europe. For this comprehensive knowledge on social media, she has been interviewed by ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS and numerous radio stations and magazines around the globe.

Crystal is well known for her ability to take complex Web and social media topics, and make them easy to understand and accessible for everyday people and small business owners. She owns CWM Enterprises, a social media instructional brand aimed at training everyone from Gen Y's to Baby Boomers in strategically using social media. Educating consumers on the practical applications of social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube is her passion.

PDF                              What’s the Latest with Layer One, and Why Does It Matter?
                                     J.R. Simmons, President ~ COMgroup, Inc.

This session will include updates on the physical layer of communications, including such things as Category 6, 7, & 8 copper cabling, fiber optic cables and free-space optics, developments in cable tray and installation practices, low voltage intelligent lighting, and wireless layer 1 technologies. Active project examples will be discussed, including the potential consulting role. Come hear why infrastructure still matters, and how the educated consultant can make an impact. 

PDF                              Best Practices for Accelerating Skype for Business Adoption
                                     Hardy Myers, President & CEO ~ AVST

Will Microsoft Skype for Business replace the traditional PBX? Enterprises today are considering making Skype for Business their sole call control solution. Or perhaps they’re looking to deploy Skype for Business in a department while co-existing with their existing PBX landscape. This session will cover how to best leverage and accelerate Skype for Business adoption.

PDF                              Regulatory Update
                                     Martha Buyer, Consultant & Attorney ~ Law Offices of Martha Buyer, PLLC

Martha will present an informative and entertaining session highlighting current topics in telecommunications law relevant to consultants, VAC members and guests. Got legal questions now? Let Martha know a week in advance of the meeting and she will be prepared to answer them


PDF                              Managing Availability and Failure Avoidance
                                      Phil Edholm, President & Principal ~ PKE Consulting

Help your clients understand their actual voice availability in VoIP and managing their survivability operations to minimize the impacts of a failure and avoid compounding impacts that can cause massive outages.

PDF                              Avoiding Disasters in VOIP Design
                                      Elizabeth English, Principal and Consultant ~ EE and Associates, LLC
                                      Melissa Swartz, Owner ~ Swartz Consulting, LLC

Whether your VOIP implementation is hosted or premises based, how do you design for business continuity? During this jointly led session, Beth English and Melissa Swartz will explore how various configurations and architectures impact disaster recovery.   Three different case studies will be presented highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each design, while identifying strategies which could have been deployed to improve the configuration of each design.  If your client has mission critical operations tied to their communications system, understanding and designing for operations to function during major and minor failures is critical.  This interactive session will to help you and your clients identify strategies to improve survivability.   





PDF        Genesys – Kay Phelps

PDF        Cisco – Paul Depperschmidt

PDF       Sonus – Myk Konrad

PDF        Tadiran – Jeff Lang

PDF        Interactive Intelligence – Marsha Bailey

PDF        Masergy – Andy Singleton

PDF        ShoreTel – Bill Hutchison

None      Birch Communications – Greg Darnell

PDF        Mitel – Stephanie For

PDF        Nextiva – Jen Fritz


PDF                             Transforming the Way We Live, Work and Play
                                     Paul Depperschmidt, Business Development Manager ~ Cisco

Video will change the way we all work and live. Join us for an interactive discussion about the way our days will change using new technology. From the browser to the board room we will use new tools and interact in dynamic new ways.



PDF                              Business Tools for Consultants
                                     Sara Uzel, Principal ~ Technology Trends Group

Do you resort to Google to find the best business tools or templates to help manage your clients and your own practice?  Do you wonder if your colleagues spend 3 or 40 hours doing a proposal or if it takes days to compile invoices instead of hours?

This session will share some of the most popular tools used by our membership for timekeeping, proposal writing, accounting, note taking and more. There is always an APP to complete a task more efficiently but how often have you spent hours setting it up to find something does not work well for you and starting over or reverting back to an older system.  

Sara Uzel has grown TTG from a very small practice to a small business employing 12 employees.  She will be sharing APPS and tools used by SCTC members to make your business more efficient to let you focus on your clients.

PDF                             Trends, Technologies and Priorities Emerging to Address Today’s Customer Engagement

Gina Clarkin, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing ~ Interactive Intelligence, Inc.

Hear what companies say are their biggest customer engagement challenges. Join as we review emerging trends, technologies and priorities designed to address these challenges and help organizations.

PDF                              Partnering for Value
                                     Molly Zraik, President ~ The BAZ Group, Inc.

How do you create "clients for life?” How do you maximize the value you can offer while making the most of the opportunities that exist within your client portfolio? We want to share the lessons learned from cultivating several large clients that has led to years of on-going, significant work that has paid dividends to all parties.

PDF                              Converged Communications for a Mobile World
                                      Rob Clark, VP NEXTGEN Solutions ~ Unify, Inc.

Join us for a highly energetic, interactive session on cost-effective methods to modernize communications by leveraging Big Data and common infrastructure solutions.

PDF                              The New Era of Cyber, Cloud and Risks - What Should I Be Concerned About Cyber Security
                                      Diane Smith, CEO/President ~ ChoiceTel/ChoiceCyber

During this session, Diane will explore the current updated cyber security landscape with a focus on the cloud and the responsibilities to your client's organization. Properly understanding the risks within your client's organization is paramount to managing expectations. Information Assurance is about taking an integrated approach to enterprise risk and aligning organizational business objectives with information security objectives. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of the current environment and the associated risks. Understanding the top critical cyber security risk generators, how active policy setting is crucial, confusing "compliance" with true security, BYOD and the weakest link - the human factor.

PDF                              Telecom Business Intelligence: Increasing Customer Stickiness and Sales through TEM
                                      Dean Colarusso, Director of Sales Operations ~ MTS

Today’s telecom consults wear many hats so it’s difficult to find the time for sales. This session will discuss how to expand your offering within your existing customer base and generate new business opportunities by leveraging the business intelligence and capabilities of a telecom expense management (TEM) solution. Learn how to: • Gain valuable insight into communication/telecom usage patterns to create pro-active opportunities to upsell your products or services • Create customer stickiness through visibility, automation and management of your customer’s strategic telecom and mobility lifecycle and policies • Increase Consulting Engagement ROI through fixed and mobile cost savings and optimization recommendations using a TEM solution.

PDF                              Understanding Mobile Spend and Usage through Data
                                     Alex Tardif, Director, Channel Operations ~ Visage Mobile

In this session we will show how you can save more than 20% on your wireless service simply by understanding what’s happening with your data - The keys to understanding and unravelling the complexity of carrier billing starts with normalization - How device and operating system selection drives cost in mobile - Usage drives value and an unexpected answer to the question of who is the least expensive carrier - How two sided breakage is the real driver of high roaming costs - How behavior drives cost and one easy step every company can take to change behavior.

PDF                              Panel Presentation – Moderated by Ivan Sindell
                                     Interactive Intelligence / ShoreTel / Mitel

Do cloud VoIP systems offer a consultant opportunity to provide a high level of support or will better product and a return to a VAR business model close the gap? Cloud VoIP systems sold directly by the manufacturer to end-users promise the equivalent of a full featured premise voice system for lower initial cost with lower operating costs. Is this sustainable? Using their experiences consultants and vendors will candidly discuss the gaps and the solutions.

None                            Staying Ahead of the Curve
                                      Patrick Marsala, Senior Engineer ~ Masergy Communications, Inc.

“Hindsight is 20/20,” but what will the networks of year 2020 be like? This session will provide a unique view into the next decade’s network advancements and innovations, as well technologies destined for obsolescence.

PDF                              Bringing Municipal Broadband Home
                                     Martha Buyer, Consultant & Attorney ~ Law Offices of Martha Buyer, PLLC
                                     Paul Recanzone, President ~ OHIvey

Want to learn about what it takes to bring municipal broadband to your community? In addition to patience, it requires lots of persistence and flexibility to "bring it home!”


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