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SCTC Conference – Call for Speakers
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SCTC 2016 Fall Conference
October 17-20, 2016
Kansas City, MO



The Society of Communications Technology Consultants International (SCTC) is an organization of independent telecommunications and information technology consultants who serve clients in business, industry, service organizations, and government. SCTC members share a common commitment to provide independent consulting services, and thus adhere to strict professional standards and a rigorous Code of Ethics.

The SCTC conducts an annual conference to provide educational and networking opportunities for our consultant members as well as members of our Vendor Advisory Council (VAC). These are carefully planned and targeted events featuring presentations by industry leaders on emerging technologies, client applications and practice management. SCTC members attend the conferences to gain information on the latest breaking applications, technologies, regulations and standards to provide a high level of value to their clients.

Speakers will have the opportunity to network among consultants and industry leading vendors in an atmosphere of collaboration and creativity. This unique conference provides fertile ground for the formation of strategic alliances, joint ventures and creative partnerships.

The SCTC Fall 2016 Conference will commence the evening of October 17th and conclude October 20th at the Hilton President Kansas City Hotel, Kansas City, MO. 

Sessions will vary in length and be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

We are looking for dynamic speakers and interesting topics. Many of you have valuable information, knowledge and experience that should be shared with your peers. Topics that continue to be of interest and we wish to highlight this year include those based on practice management.   

Session Topics and Formats

The SCTC Fall 2016 Conference Planning Committee welcomes innovative suggestions for session topics and formats. The submitter should feel free to propose a session he/she believes would be of interest to our conference attendees.

It is important to note that open speaking sessions presented at the SCTC conferences are not allowed to be a "sales pitch” for a vendor's product or service.  A particular product or service may be discussed in the context of a solution for a customer, as part of a case study, or as an example of an application solution.  This guideline will be strictly enforced.  Presenters must provide their presentation outline and any formal presentations (in Microsoft PowerPoint™ format) to the SCTC well in advance of the conference to ensure conformity with these requirements.

In order to provide suggestions on session topics and formats, some of the types of presentations which our members and recent conference attendees have found most beneficial are listed below.

In-Depth Workshops

The SCTC Fall 2016 Conference will also offer the opportunity for in-depth workshops.  Planned with a length of 45 to 90 minutes, these in-depth workshops allow for detailed information to be presented on a specific topic.  These sessions may be formatted as introductory or advanced in nature.

The style of the in-depth workshop may be multiple-presenter panels, audience interactive, or a combination of these styles.  The submitter is encouraged to be creative in his/her submission for workshops because of their length, complexity and attendee interest.

Consulting Practice Management Sessions

SCTC consultants come from consulting firms of various sizes, complexity and service offerings. All are business people trying to ensure that their practices are successful. There is always strong interest from conference attendees in sessions aimed to increase business and practice management skills.  Sessions of this type are offered in 25 and 45 minutes lengths.

Suggested practice management sessions may include such topics as marketing, consulting tools, growth planning, succession management, social networking, international challenges, etc. The submitter should be creative with his/her submission ensuring that attendees are able to interact with the presenter.

Technology Sessions

With the continued convergence of the information technology, telecommunications, and social media functions within many organizations, it is important for SCTC members to have an educational edge in current and emerging issues. Sessions in this format can be either 25 or 45 minutes in length (including Q&A).

Focused Tracks

SCTC consultants value the opportunity to hear from each other and share information with those who are focused in the same area of expertise.  It is about learning new techniques, things to watch for, and what has helped others grow their business. This is a great opportunity for SME’s alike, to come together for a focused session. Interactive or not; it’s up to the presenter.  Please consider what you have to share with your SME peers.

Minimal simultaneous tracks are under consideration by the conference planners.  This would allow a couple of hours reserved for sessions based on a focused or limited interest topic.  Sessions can be 25 or 45 minutes in length, which includes Q & A.





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