Does Market Size Really Matter? by J.R. Simmons

Communications industry consolidation has its plusses and minuses.

Although new players regularly enter the industry, it's natural that most of the attention goes to the larger firms with established market presence. When a well-known vendor buys or merges with another large well-known firm, the immediate concerns include the impact on the consumers' choices. Mergers and acquisitions such as the Mitel buyout of ShoreTel lessens the options for those businesses that are the ideal buyers of premises-based systems targeted for a sophisticated SMB environment. Sure, there are alternatives from smaller firms and cloud vendors, but for some with specific needs, the competition is getting thin.

But are fewer choices bad if the remaining choices are strong options? That can depend upon the variety of the alternatives, especially when it comes to policies and pricing.


J.R. Simmons

J.R. Simmons has over 30 years' experience as a full-services independent consultant providing planning, design, analysis, implementation management, troubleshooting, and...
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