Making the Case for a Consultant by Art Yonemoto

There are ways to justify your need for a communications consultant so executives will be on board to get you the help you need.


While many companies use consultants, most companies are skeptical about hiring/using consultants, largely due to concerns over cost or justification of need. However, there are times when a consultant can be the best value for your company or organization. So let's look at some ways to justify the need for a consultant.

Some of the more common reasons to look for a consultant include:

  • Temporary increase in work
  • Need for a specialized skill
  • Identifying vendor mistakes and savings opportunities

The last reason, hiring a consultant to address a vendor's mistakes, is particularly vexing. Why should you pay someone to help correct vendor problems?

In a perfect world, mistakes would not be made, or when they do occur, are quickly resolved. However, in the real world, things happen.


Art Yonemoto

Art Yonemoto is President of Yonemoto & Associates. He has been conducting Telecom (Landline and Wireless) audits for 21 years...
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