IoT & Collaboration: Enabling the Next-Gen Operation Center by Howard Feingold

IoT & Collaboration: Enabling the Next-Gen Operation Center

Situational awareness, collaborative response capabilities, and proactive incident management are the keys to providing a secure environment and minimizing costly downtime.

Today, more than ever, airports need comprehensive situational awareness. Next-generation operation centers combining security, operations management, and collaboration can provide the insights and incident preparedness needed to both streamline everyday operations and manage emergencies.

By combining the comprehensive security integration of physical security information systems with the increasing number of data flows available from operations, maintenance, customer service, and even public Internet sources, an airport can generate a common operating picture, extending the benefits of situational awareness to all aspects of operation. Additionally, policies and procedures can be integrated into the system to provide a structured response to incidents and emergencies. Integrating the collaborative capabilities of a modern unified communications system completes the process -- from actionable intelligence and standard procedures, through to a proactive response involving appropriate personnel from disparate departments or teams.


Howard Feingold

Howard Feingold is President of Technology Plus, Incorporated, a 25-year-old independent consulting company specializing in technology solutions. His previous engineering...
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