Telecommunications Industry Changes: What's Next by Edward Moran & Elizabeth English

Telecommunications Industry Changes: What's Next

What does the future hold for telecommunications and what does each segment of the industry need to do to survive?

What's happening in the telecommunications industry today is explosive -- three-dimensional growth on all fronts, making it challenging for enterprises to determine the best strategic course forward.

A snapshot of the industry over recent decades provides historical perspective, but is not necessarily a good predictor of future success. For example, the '70s and '80s were a period of moderate growth, which included expansion of existing plant/subscriber base in developed nations, but stagnation in the developing world. Mainframe/dumb terminals declined, and the use of PC-based corporate networks increased.

In the '90s, the industry experienced accelerated growth and the privatization of state-owned ILECs. Mobile telephony moved into the mainstream and cannibalized the growth of the fixed plant. Internet took center stage with access from dial-up to broadband (xDSL and HFC). Central and Eastern Europe struggled to catch up with its EU neighbours in the West, Caribbean and Latin American countries worked to keep pace with U.S./Canada, and emerging Asia with developed Asia.

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