Chasing the Perfect Customer Experience by J.R. Simmons


Chasing the Perfect Customer Experience

You may never find perfection in customer service, but excellence just might do.

Several surveys have shown that customer experience is the most important component of client satisfaction with a provider, exceeding low prices and other brand-enhancing actions. The total customer experience is created through a collection of interactions over the life of the relationship, beginning with the sales cycle, continuing during the installation, and extending to post-implementation when service is required.

Last week at Enterprise Connect 18, every vendor on the exhibit floor seemed convinced it provides better customer service than its competitors. I listened to several vendor panelists who promised to work wonders for every client. But, by definition, not all can be the best. And some are downright poor by comparison. Are they trying to fool the buyers, or are they fooling themselves?

J.R. Simmons

J.R. Simmons has over 30 years' experience as a full-services independent consultant providing planning, design, analysis, implementation management, troubleshooting, and...
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