Running Toward the Edge by Elizabeth English



Running Toward the Edge

Exploring why the industry is moving toward intelligent edge computing

portableExponential growth in bandwidth requirements and the explosion of IoT, combined with most organizations' constant pressure to contain operational budgets, is spurring a revolution in where intelligence resides in the network.

As the name implies, edge computing refers to the processing of data at the edge of a computer network -- such as the cloud -- and thus closer to the source of data. In essence, it pushes the frontier of computing to the logical extremes of a network.

"Intelligent edge" is the idea that tools normally associated with the core of networks are now being brought closer to the edge. This means tasks such as data processing, encryption, and analysis can happen closer to their sites of origin, instead of being transported to a data center in the network core. This enables analytics and knowledge generation to occur close to or at the source of the data.

Elizabeth (Beth) English

Elizabeth (Beth) English is the founder and lead consultant of EE and Associates, LLC. She brings more than 30 years...
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