Cybercrime & Collaboration: On a Collision Course? by Jon Arnold

Cybercrime & Collaboration: On a Collision Course?

I'm recently back from the annual conference of the Society of Communications Technology Consultants (SCTC), of which I'm the only active analyst member. These consultants are on the front lines for helping businesses make smart technology decisions along with getting good value from those investments, so it's a pretty important community of influencers. Their experiences inform my thinking as an analyst, and I'm going to share some of that here.

Aside from attending, I gave the locknote talk, played a gig with the SIPtones, and even got to play "UC Cookoff" Jeopardy, so there was a nice mix of fun, learning, and networking. One of the learning highlights was a keynote about the state of cybercrime, a topic from which the collaboration space is not immune.

The conference took place in Annapolis, Md., and we had the good fortune to hear about this topic from Lou Giannotti, the IT services director for the U.S. Naval Academy, located there. Much like an episode of NCIS, you may not associate the Navy with matching wits with the bad guys, but that's exactly how you should be thinking. Even if you just believe a little in "deep state," defense against cybercrime is now just as important for our military forces as armed conflict on land, air, or the high seas.

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