Avoiding Entropy in Technology Projects By Elizabeth English

Entropy is defined as a lack of order or predictability, or, in this context, the natural tendency of things to go from a state of order to a state of disorder.

The exponential growth of technology has companies scrambling to move to new services with the hope that VOIP, or UC, or WebRTC, or the latest flavor of BYOD will solve their communications problems. In the old days the scramble had companies moving from Centrex to PBX, to private networks, to remote modules, to TEM packages ... well, you get the idea.

We often encounter clients who have had years of organic growth coupled with staff reductions and corporate restructuring. Their technology is outdated, and their ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) spend is growing year over year. Documentation, if available at all, is dated. And they are often under the impression that a quick fix of new technology will magically solve resource and budget problems. This type of thinking was as prevalent pre-divestiture as it is today.

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