EC Tutorial: 3 Big Ideas for Speech Tech By Jon Arnold

With Enterprise Connect 2018 fast approaching, you're no doubt doing a lot of planning to prioritize which meetings to schedule and which sessions to attend. You can't do it all, and this is my moment to draw your attention to the Speech Technology track, a new addition to the EC lineup.

In this inaugural year, the Speech Tech track may not yet be on your radar. I'm hoping this post will change that, especially since I'm kicking off the program with a tutorial on enterprise speech technology on Monday, March 12, at 8:00 a.m. If you like what I have to say, you'll probably want to attend more sessions for this track, and that will help validate the move to put speech tech on the program. I'm only covering the basics, and to get a broader picture for what the Speech Tech track will cover, please read this earlier overview post.

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