Lessons Learned from the Trenches of UCaaS Implementations by Melissa Swartz

I have worked on several projects recently that involved UCaaS solutions where the end user organization had a need to support both regular business users and a contact center environment. One of the solutions had evolved, starting as a contact center solution first, with support for the regular business user capabilities added later. A second solution I worked with had the opposite evolution -- it was originally designed as a solution for business users and contact center capabilities and support were added after that.

Both solutions offered a fairly complete solution as far as their primary development was concerned. But both had some significant shortcomings on the capabilities that were added afterwards. In both cases, they were capabilities that, in my opinion, should be available in every system out there.
In both cases, requirements were defined in advance and covered with the selected UCaaS provider in detail. Even so, there were unexpected challenges along the way.
Here are some of the issues that we ran into:
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