Have We Already Lost the Individual Privacy Battle? By J.R. Simmons

Have we already lost the individual privacy battle? The combination of the enormous amount of information that is gathered on an individual (big data) and the use of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven analytics means that almost any organization knows far more about us than we likely realize.

Let's just look at how information is gathered today:

  • Some we willingly surrender or must provide to access various services
  • Some information is automatically gathered from our daily routines (social media posts)
  • We unknowingly expose more information, such as when visiting web pages that track activities, leverage cookies, and gather stored information
  • We are sometimes duped into providing critical information
  • Information about you can be gathered from others you know or with whom you have shared electronic communications, when their data is mined
  • Sites that are supposed to be secure repositories of our personal data are hacked at an alarming rate

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