Deskphones: Going, Going, Not Gone Yet By Barbara A. Grothe

Well it's 2015, and what is the future trend for deskphones in the enterprise? I have polled consultants in the U.S. and Europe to see what the reality is on this topic.

From the US Perspective:
It is my opinion that deskphones in the enterprise are dwindling in their usefulness. I say this because I have had two deployments now where they went with no deskphones -- just headsets and using the client application on the laptop/PC. (See "What ... No Deskphones?").

We also are just coming off of a 40-hour/week project in corporate America. I had my own cubicle, and I can recall only a handful of times during the three-month project that I ever heard a deskphone ring. Day-to-day communications in corporate America with both employees and customers has changed to:

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