Exploring the World of Collaboration Endpoints by Barbara A. Grothe

Exploring the World of Collaboration Endpoints

A recent No Jitter Twitter chat brought analysts and consultants together to discuss the top questions around collaboration endpoints.

I participated in my first ever Twitter chat last week, focused on discussing some of the major questions around collaboration endpoints. It was a great experience, and a lot of ground was covered in what felt like a short amount of time. If you missed the live chat, I'm here to give you an overview of what I found to be the highlights of the conversation.

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Technology Planning Helps a City Grow by Howard Feingold

Technology Planning Helps a City Grow

A city uses technology planning to expand and improve information technology services in order to meet citizen demands while maintaining its historically strong financial standing.

Located in the Denver metropolitan area, Commerce City is Colorado's fourth fastest growing city. Between the years of 2000 and 2015, its population grew from 20,000 to nearly 54,000 citizens. With a surging population, strong financial standing, and many ongoing and planned redevelopment projects, the city faced great opportunities and difficult challenges in its efforts to maintain a balanced and vibrant city economy, financially-sound government, and a quality community.

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The Human Firewall in a Hyper-Connected World by Scott Murphy

The Human Firewall in a Hyper-Connected World

The human firewall is the first and last line of defense for an enterprise, and investments should be made in security awareness training across the enterprise.

In the security landscape, there are few easier opportunities for hackers to compromise an enterprise than by targeting the human beings that make up the workforce. People in an organization (employees, contractors, senior executives, and board members) are almost always the weakest link in the security ecosystem. They have been taught since they were toddlers to be helpful, curious, and, as adults, customer focused. Hackers take advantage of these ingrained traits using a wide variety of social engineering techniques to exploit access to an organizations' resources and assets.

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A Look Back on MWC 2017, aka EuroEpcot by Tom Brannen

A Look Back on MWC 2017, aka EuroEpcot

Finding the newsworthy and notable took a lot of sifting through the glitz and sizzle of the show floor.

Barcelona, which just might be my favorite city in the Europe, one again served as host to one of the largest mobile-focused conferences in the world, Mobile World Congress. With more than 100,000 attendees and thousands of companies present, the late February-early March event provided easy access to the heart of the mobile industry for a glimpse of where we are and where we are going.

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Providing Optimal Customer Experiences Means Choices by Dan Aylward



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Don't Forget People Piece of New Technology Deployments by Melissa Swartz

Don't Forget People Piece of New Technology Deployments

Taking time to create and implement a good end-user training program is an essential step not to be overlooked.

We heard the word "experience" a lot last week at Enterprise Connect 2017 in Orlando, Fla., mainly in terms of either a user experience or a customer experience. The discussions centered mostly around the use of technology in creating a favorable experience.

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The State of 9-1-1 by Martha Buyer

The State of 9-1-1 

A review of current federal and state initiatives around issues relating to emergency services

A few weeks ago at Enterprise Connect Orlando, I was lucky enough to take part in a panel discussion led by Irwin Lazar of Nemertes Research on issues associated with 9-1-1. For those who weren't in the room, it's important to know that there was heated discussion as two animated vendor representatives discussed their different approaches to identifying, managing and providing useful location information to first responders behind an MLTS (multi-line telephone system). Aside from the in-room fireworks, however, the session reminded me that it might be time for a review of some useful and relevant 9-1-1 policy information.

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